Current Mood

Totally me right now trying to start a blog! For a while I’ve thought about it, my sisters have suggested finding a medium to post what I cook and a place they can follow my recipes, also since I finished school, I’ve had a terrible itch to write. Right now I’m getting high in my thoughts and ideas of everything I want to write, then start to struggle when I over think it! All I’m thinking is…Will anyone read this? will it even look good? I’m bad with technology in general!! How will I ever learn this stuff?!? What if i fail 😫😫😫????? Too much info keeping me up and it can get old quick.

But then I remember…this is for fun! Even if I’m my only viewer, I’m going to have fun with it! I will have a little corner for my thoughts. There’s no rush to go anywhere here and yeah I guess I am bad ass, I got this and I do love myself!

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