Pom-Pom Handprint Ornament

Earlier this week as I was gawking at my new Christmas tree and realized that my youngest did not have any cute hand made ornaments! My son has a few here and there with his little hand prints and cute toddler pictures from day care, but my 2 year old had nothing representing her on this tree!

Well not on my watch! Okay…well not this year..not on my watch!

As I went to my local dollar tree (best dollar store ever!) I knew I wanted her hand print or a small picture but was not sure on how to go about it..then I saw them, big clear plastic ornaments! I saw cute Pom-poms next to it and it clicked! Stuff the ornament with pom-poms. All I needed to do was to get some paint to stamp her little hand onto the ornament. Really..this was too easy.

Honestly this was perfect because it was cute, easy, and very affordable only costing me $4 (I bought an extra ornament for my son). As an additional plus this was a good activity for my daughter to work on her motor skills. Placing the little Pom-poms inside was very fun for her. Actually it was too much fun…it became a whining fest when I tried taking it away after sitting down for almost 30 minutes. We went back and forth of placing the pom-poms inside and later forcefully taking them back out because she wanted to keep doing it. Other than that it was great!

Now I have a cute addition to my tree and another lasting memory.

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