Snowy Texas Morning

Well Saturday morning was a snowy one! Living in Texas you don’t always witness what we call “snow”, but boy it is always exciting to see it! It really does bring the kid out of you and it’s extra special to see your children’s joyful expressions. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

Javi has had a share of Texas snow before and LOVES it and this was Ximena’s first time. She quickly learned the word snow and seemed very curious. She would pick up a handfuls it and kick up her little feet making trails along the way, then the unavoidable happened…she fell. And lord was that the end of it! As soon as her bottom dropped, her face changed. The whining began and Javier was not helping! He kept laughing and even followed her by falling over! I think once she saw her brother laughing off his “fall” it all became okay. She played for another couple of seconds with the snow until her pants became really cold and wet. We followed a playful morning with some hot breakfast and some unwinding on our comfy couch. 😌☕️

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