New Year, Same Me!

Happy New Year! This is my first entry for 2019 and hope to have many more this year. Okay, so every year everyone decides that they are going to change and be a new and different person…well we all know roughly how long that can last! haha! Forget about that! I know I am not about to change anything on purpose today. I will continue to do what I always do and work as the year goes by for greater things…right?! Well, I started this about a month ago with so many plans for it but I couldn’t catch up fast enough, however I did get to start and do some work for it, so for now I am very pleased and proud of myself.

I have been M.I.A. because I came to visit our family for the new year. It has been a busy two weeks! First I had my daughters birthday then Christmas. I made some yummy tamales from my mom’s and finally after so many years was able to get actual measurements! (If you have a Mexican mother or old school mom who only measures ingredients by some sort of unknown know how hard it can be to replicate their recipes!) I was also busy packing and cleaning for our trip. Once I was “home” with my family we celebrated my daughter’s birthday with a small party and I made her a birthday cake. Of course themed after her favorite show Peppa Pig and it was surprisingly easier than I expected. I also had a mini “photo-shoot” for my blog all thanks to my talented brother and thank you to my sister who let me borrow her kitchen as well. We spent new years eve with my husbands family then new years day with my family where I was able to get another recipe from my mom. It’s one of her signature dishes so I was happy when she told me she was going to make it for me so I could share it with everyone!

So blogging about food has re-surfaced my interest in food and the details on what it takes to make amazing food. When I decided to start taking pictures and writing steps, my goal was to have a space where I can have my recipes and where I can write down family recipes. This year I am looking forward in challenging myself to think outside the box, try different food and make new family favorites.

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and please look forward to more recipes!

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