Peppa Pig Cake

My daughter LOVES Peppa Pig so it was a no brainier when it was time for her 2nd birthday on what her theme would be. Normally I would buy a store bought cake because lets be real, it’s one less thing to do when throwing a party! But this time I wanted to do something special for her. I’m sure she won’t remember the cake, but hopefully pictures will keep that memory for her. While I was on Pinterest searching for ideas I saw a lot of Peppa Pig cakes that were shaped as a corral as the characters where played in “mud”. It seemed cute and simple so that was the cake I chose to recreate. To be honest this was probably the very first cake I have decorated that felt almost therapeutic for some reason! I took my time and aside from actually baking the cake the steps were fairly easy to follow.

FYI: This blog post isn’t a cake recipe, but rather a diy on decorating a cake. I made this while I was visiting family out of town, so the pictures do not have the best quality because of lighting, however you do get the point on what I needs to be done!
*side note: I don’t have specific measurements, I used 9 in round pans and it took about 4 XL size Kit-Kats. Depending on the size of your cake, the amount of Kit-Kats and sprinkles can be different.

The first part is getting your things ready, you are going to need 2 round cakes (9 in),
1 tub of Chocolate 
Frosting, 4-5 XL size Kit-Kat chocolate bars.
It’s not pictured (sorry) but you will also need Green sprinkles, Sugar  Flowers (Wilton brand), ribbon and Peppa Pig  cartoon character toys. 

I made the cake out of a cake mix box and used a store bought tub of frosting, no shame in that! Cake is cake! Right?

Okay, first frost the two layered cake as you normally would. Don’t worry too much about getting the sides frosted perfectly…it can look like a crumb coat and it will be just fine, it will end up getting covered with the chocolate bars. I do suggest making the top look nice! Aside from the “grass”, you do want a nice pile of “mud”.

I highly recommend cutting the Kit-Kat with a large knife. “Breaking a piece of that Kit-Kat bar” can actually leave some rough edges, a knife will give you smoother edges.

Line up the Kit-Kat bars upright and continue around the cake until it is all covered!

Right before adding anything to the top of the cake I made a couple of swirls on top for a nicer “effect”.
Generously add green sprinkles along the edges.

Lastly add your little piggies, flowers and tie a ribbon around the cake. The ribbon will not only make it look prettier but it will help any loose Kit-Kat bars from falling over.

The flowers I used are the Wilton sugar pieces that you can find in a baking aisle. I also bought their dinosaurs because my daughter loves them too and it was perfect since George has a dinosaur too.

This was the final product! I did add a Happy Birthday banner and made cupcakes using a Peppa Pig cupcake kit.
I was rather impressed how great it turned out and by the looks of it everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well.

Updated: Here are links to some of the items that I used from Amazon.

Wilton Flower Cookie Decorations, Mini

Wilton Hanging Skinny Green Jimmies

Peppa Pig Cupcake Decorating Kit – 24 count

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