Peppa Pig Cake

My daughter LOVES Peppa Pig so it was a no brainier when it was time for her 2nd birthday on what her theme would be. Normally I would buy a store bought cake because lets be real, it’s one less thing to do when throwing a party! But this time I wanted to do something special for her. I’m sure she won’t remember the cake, but hopefully pictures will keep that memory for her. While I was on Pinterest searching for ideas I saw a lot of Peppa Pig cakes that were shaped as a corral as the characters where played in “mud”. It seemed cute and simple so that was the cake I chose to recreate. To be honest this was probably the very first cake I have decorated that felt almost therapeutic for some reason! I took my time and aside from actually baking the cake the steps were fairly easy to follow.

FYI: This blog post isn’t a cake recipe, but rather a diy on decorating a cake. I made this while I was visiting family out of town, so the pictures do not have the best quality because of lighting, however you do get the point on what I needs to be done!
*side note: I don’t have specific measurements, I used 9 in round pans and it took about 4 XL size Kit-Kats. Depending on the size of your cake, the amount of Kit-Kats and sprinkles can be different.

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Christmas Sock Exchange

Last weekend I had a Christmas sock exchange to during a get together. This was such a cute and fun idea of getting a bunch of goodies in a pair comfy socks. I mean come on! Who doesn’t love warm and cozy socks?!?

To be honest I actually wanted to give my kids teacher and speech therapists a little gift, so it all worked out! I ended up going to Kohl’s and buying a 2-pack pair of fuzzy socks and a bunch stocking stuffer gifts such as a pack of hand creams. Oh and can’t forget the chocolates and candy canes! I ended up diving the stocking stuffer gifts and the sweets between the socks. I tied a bow with a Christmas themed ribbon and ended up with a nice gift that anyone would love!

If you are trying to figure out a fun gift exchange idea for your party or a sweet gift to hand out this is perfect!

Kids Stocking Stuffers

So my son’s Kindergarten class is having a Christmas party and his teacher asked for small stocking stuffers. Of course I’m all for it! But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to hand out. It so happened that the weekend before during my grocery shopping I bought one too many hot chocolate boxes that were on sale and now was stuck with a ton of it. I figured it would be a great idea to hand those out and it’s something that they would love to sip on during their winter break. The only thing left was to grab a couple of extra items for the stuffers!

I personally like to add a small candy cane (which I stuck a stick-on gift tag), hot chocolate mix bag, and a Christmas themed pencil and eraser inside a small party cup. For a class of 20 kids I spent about $10-$12 (including the hot chocolate). All items are optional and can be easily replaced with something else! For example, you can replace the candy cane for a small bag with marshmallows or the pencils for crayons or stickers. It’s really up to you! This is just a fun, quick and inexpensive way to wow your kids and their classmates!

Pom-Pom Handprint Ornament

Earlier this week as I was gawking at my new Christmas tree and realized that my youngest did not have any cute hand made ornaments! My son has a few here and there with his little hand prints and cute toddler pictures from day care, but my 2 year old had nothing representing her on this tree!

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