Soft Dinner Rolls

Holiday season means tons of great food, time of giving and best of all family time. This dinner roll is so great to serve during family dinners and potlucks! So soft and fluffy it melts in your mouth, it’s a dinner roll that is very versatile and great year round. They can easily become a sweet dinner roll or a savory one by just a touch of extra ingredients. Its also great to try different shapes and sizes, believe me it won’t take away from its taste and softness!  Keep Reading!

Stove Top Velveeta Mac & Cheese

Guys this recipe is a wonderful, velvety and cheesy mac and cheese! It is easy and fast to make and can be featured as a main dish…not just a side dish. I love macaroni and cheese with any cheese sauce, any pasta, stove top or baked, it’s all good! I usually prefer the Velveeta cheese sauce used in shells and cheese but I figured if I combine both the elbow pasta and the Velveeta cheese I could have the best stove top mac and cheese. Now, my son can be a very picky eater and a long with applesauce and mashed potatoes, mac and cheese is in his top 3 foods that he WILL NOT EAT. Luckily, after he had the first bite of this Velveeta mac and cheese he gave me a thumbs up and said it was good! So now I know I did something right this time around. 

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