Chicken Gnocchi Soup

It’s Saturday! Finally it’s the weekend and its time to “sleep in”! Well the parent’s version of “sleeping in”…which is basically an extra 30 minutes laying in bed from your usual wake up time or simply not having to jump out of bed and rush to get yourself and the kids ready to start the day. Anyway, this week was a chilly one! Most of the week was gloomy and cloudy, some icy rain and very cold winds. Towards the end of the week I ended up making chicken gnocchi soup for the family to warm us up and it was absolutely the perfect comfort food. This soup is so creamy and hearty! Not to mention it’s filled with veggies that melt in your mouth along with tender chicken and potato gnocchi. With 3 main parts to follow, it is such an easy soup to make that will leave you with a creamy pot of comfort!

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