Mexican Chorizo, Egg and Potato Hash

Mexican chorizo has got to be one of my favorite ingredients to use, the way it melts and covers every single bite with the perfect balance of salt and spice can really elevate any dish. There’s a wide variety of chorizo that come in either small links or large individual links. They are from beef…… Continue reading Mexican Chorizo, Egg and Potato Hash

Homemade Flour Tortillas

One of my family‚Äôs favorite are my homemade flour tortillas. I grew up on these and I am making sure my kids love and appreciate them as much as I do. My mom always made them from pre-made flour which are tasty and for a while I did the same, but one day it just…… Continue reading Homemade Flour Tortillas

Current Mood

Totally me right now trying to start a blog! For a while I’ve thought about it, my sisters have suggested finding a medium to post what I cook and a place they can follow my recipes, also since I finished school, I’ve had a terrible itch to write. Right now I’m getting high in my…… Continue reading Current Mood