Chicken Gnocchi Soup

It’s Saturday! Finally it’s the weekend and its time to “sleep in”! Well the parent’s version of “sleeping in”…which is basically an extra 30 minutes laying in bed from your usual wake up time or simply not having to jump out of bed and rush to get yourself and the kids ready to start the day. Anyway, this week was a chilly one! Most of the week was gloomy and cloudy, some icy rain and very cold winds. Towards the end of the week I ended up making chicken gnocchi soup for the family to warm us up and it was absolutely the perfect comfort food. This soup is so creamy and hearty! Not to mention it’s filled with veggies that melt in your mouth along with tender chicken and potato gnocchi. With 3 main parts to follow, it is such an easy soup to make that will leave you with a creamy pot of comfort!

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Mexican Chorizo, Egg and Potato Hash

Mexican chorizo has got to be one of my favorite ingredients to use, the way it melts and covers every single bite with the perfect balance of salt and spice can really elevate any dish. There’s a wide variety of chorizo that come in either small links or large individual links. They are from beef or pork and depending on the brand the spice level can vary. This recipe has got to be my go-to Sunday breakfast. I usually use Yukon gold potatoes because that’s what I usually have around but it is commonly made with russet potatoes, it tastes great either way! Both potatoes are perfect for a hash because it can hold its shape and soak up all the flavors nice all while being fork tender. This is so simple with only three ingredients (plus some salt!) that can turn bland eggs and potato into a delicious and savory breakfast hash!

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Homemade Flour Tortillas

One of my family’s favorite are my homemade flour tortillas. I grew up on these and I am making sure my kids love and appreciate them as much as I do. My mom always made them from pre-made flour which are tasty and for a while I did the same, but one day it just wasn’t working! They were too tough and dry…I mean it was like eating a floury chip. Anyway, I took the challenge of making them from scratch, and OMG they were the best! It was much easier than I expected and they were soft and chewy, especially that first bite as soon as they are done!

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Current Mood

Totally me right now trying to start a blog! For a while I’ve thought about it, my sisters have suggested finding a medium to post what I cook and a place they can follow my recipes, also since I finished school, I’ve had a terrible itch to write. Right now I’m getting high in my thoughts and ideas of everything I want to write, then start to struggle when I over think it! All I’m thinking is…Will anyone read this? will it even look good? I’m bad with technology in general!! How will I ever learn this stuff?!? What if i fail 😫😫😫????? Too much info keeping me up and it can get old quick.

But then I remember…this is for fun! Even if I’m my only viewer, I’m going to have fun with it! I will have a little corner for my thoughts. There’s no rush to go anywhere here and yeah I guess I am bad ass, I got this and I do love myself!