Christmas Sock Exchange

Last weekend I had a Christmas sock exchange to during a get together. This was such a cute and fun idea of getting a bunch of goodies in a pair comfy socks. I mean come on! Who doesn’t love warm and cozy socks?!?

To be honest I actually wanted to give my kids teacher and speech therapists a little gift, so it all worked out! I ended up going to Kohl’s and buying a 2-pack pair of fuzzy socks and a bunch stocking stuffer gifts such as a pack of hand creams. Oh and can’t forget the chocolates and candy canes! I ended up diving the stocking stuffer gifts and the sweets between the socks. I tied a bow with a Christmas themed ribbon and ended up with a nice gift that anyone would love!

If you are trying to figure out a fun gift exchange idea for your party or a sweet gift to hand out this is perfect!