Buttered Potatoes

Guys! Let me give you a recipe that will forever change your love of potatoes if it hasn’t already! These are also known as melting potatoes or melt in your mouth potatoes. They are crispy and succulent with a huge rush of butter flavor that pretty much melt in your mouth. Okay well lets not…… Continue reading Buttered Potatoes

Avocado Sauce

Truth be told, I am not a fan of guacamole. Yes…it’s true, I HATE raw onions, not big on jalapeƱos and even though I do like raw tomatoes, for some reason I just don’t like it in guacamole. I guess to please our picky pallets, my mom always made it without the veggies…it was pretty…… Continue reading Avocado Sauce

Garlic Parmesan Red Potatoes

Who doesn’t love side dishes? The best thing about them is the unlimited variety, vegetables, starches, hot, cold, sweet or savory…it’s endless! Here is a great way to add your main dish a little extra something with tender and crispy potatoes packed with flavor! 1/2 lb. Red Potatoes (halved or quartered)1 1/2 Tbsp. Olive Oil1/3…… Continue reading Garlic Parmesan Red Potatoes