Erika’s Salsa Verde

So I’m not one to put my name on something just like that, but this green salsa is pretty special to me and thought I would share it! For those who are familiar with salsa verde (green salsa) you might be puzzled on my ingredients! This particular salsa came about through A LOT of trial and error. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but I’m not big on spicy food, I also have two little ones and it can be difficult making Mexican food because of the spice some dishes have. My green salsa has got to the mildest salsa I have ever had. In fact this came about because I absolutely love my mother-in-law’s green salsa and wanted to re-create it. Of course hers has a bit of heat to it so I experimented with ways to tone it down and somehow ended up using sugar. Yes, you read it right…sugar! Then I took a bit of my mom’s secret (not so secret anymore!) chicken bouillon to give it extra flavor! I used this salsa every time I make Enchiladas Verdes (Green Enchiladas). You are able to adjust the heat level by adding extra jalapeños and as you will see in my instructions, leaving the seeds in. Guys if my picky son can eat this with his food and if my 2 year old can literally lick it off her plate…it’s safe to say it is kid friendly and super delicious!

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