Kids Stocking Stuffers

So my son’s Kindergarten class is having a Christmas party and his teacher asked for small stocking stuffers. Of course I’m all for it! But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to hand out. It so happened that the weekend before during my grocery shopping I bought one too many hot chocolate boxes that were on sale and now was stuck with a ton of it. I figured it would be a great idea to hand those out and it’s something that they would love to sip on during their winter break. The only thing left was to grab a couple of extra items for the stuffers!

I personally like to add a small candy cane (which I stuck a stick-on gift tag), hot chocolate mix bag, and a Christmas themed pencil and eraser inside a small party cup. For a class of 20 kids I spent about $10-$12 (including the hot chocolate). All items are optional and can be easily replaced with something else! For example, you can replace the candy cane for a small bag with marshmallows or the pencils for crayons or stickers. It’s really up to you! This is just a fun, quick and inexpensive way to wow your kids and their classmates!

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