Avocado Sauce

Truth be told, I am not a fan of guacamole. Yes…it’s true, I HATE raw onions, not big on jalapeños and even though I do like raw tomatoes, for some reason I just don’t like it in guacamole. I guess to please our picky pallets, my mom always made it without the veggies…it was pretty much avocados and salt! So this specific sauce is a version of that guac that she would make whenever we had chicken flautas for dinner. We would drizzle the sauce over them…okay dunk the flautas in our large puddle of avocado sauce on our plate! It is smooth and refreshing, perfectly delicious! It’s easy to make and really hard to not eat it by the spoon fulls!

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Honey-Sriracha Sauce

You can’t go wrong in this recipe! It’s nothing but honey, sriracha and red pepper flakes for extra heat. Personally I’m not a fan of sriracha but my husband loves it. So when I made fried chicken for dinner one day I knew I wanted to drizzle honey over it. As I was getting the honey out of the pantry I saw the sriracha next to it and figured…why not?! It’s a quick and simple sauce that I have used twice, drizzled over fried chicken and smothered on chicken wings.

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Mini Crispy Tacos

When it comes to appetizers you can never go wrong with tacos…truthfully you can never go wrong with TACOS period. These mini crispy tacos are perfect for any gathering and it pairs great with a variety of sauces/salsas and little extras like fresh limes. There’s really just two ingredients for this recipe…oh and a dash of salt. The first is the tortilla, for the bite size taco get yourself a package of “street corn tortillas”, if you don’t have that option you can always use a medium to large cookie cutter to get the right size. You can always just use regular sized corn tortillas, the bigger the better right? The second ingredient is the chicken. I absolutely love store bought rotisserie chicken. Rotisserie chicken is the best because I can get a good two meals for 4 from one chicken, they are so juicy and bursting with flavor and I can’t forget the perfectly golden savory skin. Yum! So because it’s convenient and flavorful, I choose to use rotisserie chicken, but if you can and want to make your own, more power to you! Alright..lets begin.

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Fresh Salsa

You guys know I don’t eat much spicy food and I think it’s because my mom never really forced it on us nor did she make too many dishes that had a ton of heat to them. However, being an “old-school” Mexican mom she always had a tub of Salsa Roja (Red Salsa) in the refrigerator for my dad. Personally I prefer Salsa Verde, but there are two ways that I will always prefer Salsa Roja over Verde…with tortilla chips and with breakfast tacos (barbacoa & carnitas). This is a very simple Fresh Salsa Roja recipe that is easy to make and heat level is somewhere between medium and hot.

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Erika’s Salsa Verde

So I’m not one to put my name on something just like that, but this green salsa is pretty special to me and thought I would share it! For those who are familiar with salsa verde (green salsa) you might be puzzled on my ingredients! This particular salsa came about through A LOT of trial and error. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but I’m not big on spicy food, I also have two little ones and it can be difficult making Mexican food because of the spice some dishes have. My green salsa has got to the mildest salsa I have ever had. In fact this came about because I absolutely love my mother-in-law’s green salsa and wanted to re-create it. Of course hers has a bit of heat to it so I experimented with ways to tone it down and somehow ended up using sugar. Yes, you read it right…sugar! Then I took a bit of my mom’s secret (not so secret anymore!) chicken bouillon to give it extra flavor! I used this salsa every time I make Enchiladas Verdes (Green Enchiladas). You are able to adjust the heat level by adding extra jalapeños and as you will see in my instructions, leaving the seeds in. Guys if my picky son can eat this with his food and if my 2 year old can literally lick it off her plate…it’s safe to say it is kid friendly and super delicious!

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Crispy Meatballs

Meatballs are one of those things that once you get the right recipe and perfect your own cooking method it will come naturally each time you prepare them. There is a basic meatball recipe that I stick to, except one day the worst thing for meatballs happened…no breadcrumbs…no bread. Unfortunately I had everything ready and all I needed were the breadcrumbs or at least a slice of white bread. Looking to find another substitution for it, I saw a box of Panko breadcrumbs and figured if it said breadcrumbs it would be okay. Well! They definitely were not the average crispy on the outside and tender in the inside meatballs! In fact, they were actually crispy with a hint of chewiness and packed with flavor. OMG they were good! Surprisingly it paired up nicely with Spaghetti but personally I think this would be perfect served as an appetizer with a dipping sauce. So with Superbowl around the corner, this sure will be a crowd pleasing appetizer!

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