Summer Blog Special 2019


I am doing my first Summer Blog SpecialAguas Frescas! 

Okay so the other day I was craving agua de limón (limeade) and as I was planning on making it I was thinking that I should make my husband some of his favorite drinks and get my kids to try different aguas. The first two days after my son was out for the summer break I realized how much energy he had during the day that I wasn’t used to! I knew a lot of outside activities would help keep them active and use all their energy so we could wind down at the right time (nap times!). When I was getting my list of the different flavors I could make for my family to drink during the break…I was like duh! Let me blog about it! I’m sure people have come across these aguas frescas and might love to make them! It’s a win-win right?!

Look forward to flavors like horchata (rice), limón (lime), jamaica (hibiscus) and piña (pineapple)” to name a few. I will be posting during the summer holiday an agua fresca recipe a week that you can make and sip during these hot summer days!

I do want to remind everyone who does happen to try them out, feel free to adjust the drinks to your taste. If you like it sweeter add more sugar, if you need more flavor add more of the main ingredient. However these recipes are a good base to start off and you can work it to what you and your family would love, but lets be real…they are already great tasting drinks. 

Enjoy this summer blog special my friends!

New Year, Same Me!

Happy New Year! This is my first entry for 2019 and hope to have many more this year. Okay, so every year everyone decides that they are going to change and be a new and different person…well we all know roughly how long that can last! haha! Forget about that! I know I am not about to change anything on purpose today. I will continue to do what I always do and work as the year goes by for greater things…right?! Well, I started this about a month ago with so many plans for it but I couldn’t catch up fast enough, however I did get to start and do some work for it, so for now I am very pleased and proud of myself.

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Snowy Texas Morning

Well Saturday morning was a snowy one! Living in Texas you don’t always witness what we call “snow”, but boy it is always exciting to see it! It really does bring the kid out of you and it’s extra special to see your children’s joyful expressions. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

Javi has had a share of Texas snow before and LOVES it and this was Ximena’s first time. She quickly learned the word snow and seemed very curious. She would pick up a handfuls it and kick up her little feet making trails along the way, then the unavoidable happened…she fell. And lord was that the end of it! As soon as her bottom dropped, her face changed. The whining began and Javier was not helping! He kept laughing and even followed her by falling over! I think once she saw her brother laughing off his “fall” it all became okay. She played for another couple of seconds with the snow until her pants became really cold and wet. We followed a playful morning with some hot breakfast and some unwinding on our comfy couch. 😌☕️

So it begins— A place where I can find the comfort of being a homecook at heart.

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