December Favorites

Every once in a while I come across things that are on another level! Either life changing or simply amazing products that I wonder “how did I go so long without this!?!?!?!?”. It might be something old and has been around for a while…or new products! I think that this would be a great way to brag about all the stuff I come across that I feel the need to tell someone about! For the most part I want to add things that are personal, definitely things around my home and of course for all the moms and dads things for the kids!

Okay now I know December is long over! I mean…January is almost over so why post for December? Well I had started this in December, but aside from traveling and holidays I was working on figuring out how to get and post links. (Don’t judge me…I can barely turn on a TV some days! Ha!) Okay but here are my top 3 December favorites.

Over a year ago I fell IN LOVE with the South Korean beauty brand The Face Shop! Since then I have really only purchased skin care and make up from there. This Glossy Touch Lipstick is amazing! It is not too bold in color, it gives you more of a subtle burst of color. The gloss, is not what you think it is! It does not give you a total gloss like you would from a liquid gloss, but rather a bit of it..which is perfect! You know how your lips look after you lick them? okay, well that’s almost how it looks. Somewhere between a liquid gloss and a lip balm. The lipstick goes on smooth and will last a good while! With over 10 color shades you are bound to find one that fits naturally and perfectly…try it, they are amazing!

Guys! Let me tell you….life changing product! I’m not sure I could go back to another type…ever! I first saw the Scotch-Brite Dobie Cleaning Pad during a visit to my sister-in-law’s house, I didn’t use it a the time but I did overhear my older sister letting her know that it was a really good sponge. Fast forward some time, I was visiting my sister and helped her with some dishes I used it and wow I was amazed how great it worked! It is very durable and basically scrubs off anything, not to mention the amount of lather it creates. It really saves me a ton of dish soap because I don’t have to constantly add more to keep the lather. Now, I’ve had some hard or burnt pieces on baking sheets and pans…for the most part now I don’t have to soak them, just scrub it off with this! It looks dainty compared to heavy duty cleaning pads, but boy this would beat it by a long shot!

My last December favorite is the…Flintstones Gummies! Who remembers having to eat these as a kid?! I do! I would even consider it part of my childhood…oh so many memories! I never liked eating them because they were too chalky for me (a texture till this day I cannot get over!) But like many others..the red and pink vitamins were my favorite, we would eat them first then be left with a jar full of the orange vitamins..yuck! A favorite memory has got to be when one of my sisters would pretend to eat the vitamin and end up going outside and hide them! Eventually my mom caught her after she found a pile of vitamins in one spot! Well lucky for the new generation, Flintstones now come in gummies and in a variety like Sour and extra Immunity Support. I have 2 kids with two types of tolerance for food. My oldest is PICKY while my youngest can inhale practically anything…the fact that my oldest can eat this with no problem is awesome. Did I forget to mention that he hates gummies in general? I think the fact that this type of gummy isn’t overwhelmingly sticky and chewy helps a lot. It’s also a plus that the flavor is not bad at all. The gummies are packed with necessary vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, B (6 &12) and little ones from the age of 2 can eat them! There are a so many types and brands of gummies but truthfully I want to give my kids a little bit from my childhood…even if they are getting a better version of it!

Okay! These were my top 3 items that I used in December that I felt were too good not to tell you! I highly recommend taking a look and trying them out! Each item that is in blue-bold has a direct link that will take you to an amazon page to check them out!

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